The transformers conundrum

5 Apr
An actual interview question.

An actual interview question.


Two Books I cannot wait for to get out

4 Apr


Two books that I am desperately waiting for to get out are “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hoseini and the novel “Inferno” by conspiracy buff Dan Brown. Both novels will get released in May this year. Till then keeping my fingers crossed.



Dan Brown, American author of thriller fiction...

Dan Brown, American author of thriller fiction, best known for writing the controversial 2003 bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code. Taken at a demostration of Sony’s “ebook” technology. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Khaled Hosseini at the podium

Khaled Hosseini at the podium (Photo credit: Fairfax Library Foundation)


Implications of the existence of Fourth Dimension

4 Apr

According to recent claims, there can be a total of eleven dimensions as opposed to the previously known three dimensions. The theory of dimensions is really simple to understand. If we have got a single point, then it can be represented by just one dimension. Now if we move from one point to another, then a line is formed and we need two coordinates to express its position. The lines join together to form a plane and planes result in 3 dimensional shapes like a cube or a diamond. Often people think of the fourth dimension as time. This confusion arises because of Einstein’s theory of relativity and it might be correct to some extent but to interpret the fourth dimension in spatial terms, it’s a 4D hypercube.

A 3D projection of an tesseract performing an ...

A 3D projection of an tesseract performing an isoclinic rotation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have ever seen the movie Avengers, you’ll remember the light emitting blue colored hypercube which is called Tesseract.  A tesseract is the physical form of fourth dimension although such a hypercube doesn’t actually exist. It was just shown in the science fiction movie. However, the presence of a fourth dimension can solve many of the problems that are faced by us today. The reason is that we live in a lower dimension and cannot perceive the phenomenon going on in the higher dimensions.


The famous Greek Philosopher Plato presented the concept of a person living in a lower dimension not being able to perceive what goes on in a dimension above them. He spoke of men who were chained and were shrouded in shadows. The only shapes they could make out were the shadows on the wall so even in those ancient times; he had an idea about how dimensions will be perceived. For example, if a person lived in a 2D world and he was shown a ball he’ll only be able to visualize the face of the ball which is in front of him. That way, the ball which is a sphere in reality will appear to be a plane to him which is a strange phenomenon for him.


Main Concept


The same is true for us. Since we can perceive three dimensions, so we have no problem as far as seeing a three dimensional object is concerned. But there are many phenomenon in this world that have no logical explanation until now and perhaps they are happening in the fourth dimension or even a higher dimension than that. It can be a reason why we are not able to comprehend their meaning in entirety. So the universe has got this masking effect in which the higher dimension is hidden or masked from the lower one. The mathematical term to explain this concept is that higher dimensions are perpendicular or at an angle of ninety degrees with the lower one.

Copyrights Revolutionary Technologies

Copyrights Revolutionary Technologies


Evidence of The Fourth Dimension

In order to prove the existence of a fourth dimension, we will have to prove that four dimensional movements and shapes exist. In our space, rotation is about an axis but in the 4D space, the rotation is along a plane. This type of movement will be complex for us to comprehend since we live in a dimension lower than the fourth. In order to completely describe the position of an object in a four dimensional space, we’ll require four points instead of three points we currently need.

It is not possible to prove mathematically the existence of a fourth dimension. That is why we have been deriving all analogies from a three dimensional world.  The reason is that if any four dimensional movements happens in the universe, it happens at a very small level in the minute particles and it’s not big enough to be observed by anyone. However, highly extensible and flexible fluids can exhibit the properties of a four dimensional motion.

Let us assume a sphere which has got the usual xyz axes attached to it along with the w axis of fourth dimension. Now to understand the fourth dimension motion in terms of our own space, we explain the phenomenon of a vortex. A vortex can be described as a whirling motion whose most familiar example is a cyclone. The most interesting thing about a vortex is that its ends must be connected to a fluid or they can be connected to each other to form a sort of a ring. The particles remain trapped inside the vortex and cannot get out which would normally be the case if a wheel with water on it is moving; the water will move off. As stated previously, the rotation in a 4D world will be around a plane. The vortex will rotate around a plane and will enclose in the shape of a ring. The simplest phenomenon available to us which shows such properties is current passing through a wire. Actually the field of force is surrounding the wire. So the concept of a fourth dimension can be given by a phenomenon which exhibits characteristics of electricity. One such phenomenon is light which is electromagnetic in nature and it is a universal fact.

Applications In The Fourth Dimension

Whenever we talk about the fourth dimension, the discussion inadvertently moves towards complex shapes that’ll be available to a person if a fourth dimension was added. Due to the presence of fourth dimension, we can make highly efficient wheels and mechanical shafts. The energy requirements decrease and size of machines decreases due to inclusion of just one more dimension.

The relation between shapes is another shape. Just like the relation between two numbers is another number. A very simple example is that 20 is a number which is related to 5 by 4. The product of 5 and 4 is equal to 20 and in other words if we divide 20 by 5 we get 5. Similarly complex shapes can be broken down and represented in form of simple ones.

One interesting thing that can be explained due to fourth dimension is that we can describe the concept of levitation. It is a known fact that if a point exists in a circle, we can remove it by taking it up into a higher dimension. Similarly, a being living in a higher dimension can simply pull an object from 3D space to tetraspace. This is quite interesting because if you ever encountered a being from a 4D world, he could remove the contents of your stomach without facing the need to even touch you. The 4D being will be able to look straight through your body inside you. Suppose he thinks of playing a trick on you. He can take any object available in our world which is 3D and take it to tetraspace. Then he can bring the object back to our world and suspend it in midair. This is a very bizarre situation and there is other strange phenomenon in this universe which can be explained due to the fourth dimension.

Let’s revisit the tesseract which appears in science fiction movie Avengers. It is a hypercube which is considered to possess immense amounts of energies. In the move, the Tesseract is used to make highly sophisticated weaponry. However, this is just part of the fiction. A tesseract may exist if there was ever a fourth dimension and these would be just some of the applications in which it would be used. A tesseract would consist of eight cubes connected in four dimensions. If we were to represent it in the three dimensional space, then we will have to cut up the hypercube and unfold it. The result will be four cubes stacked on top of each other and four other cubes which will be present one on each side of the cubes.



North Korean Social Media hacked

4 Apr


Hackers claiming to be associated with Anonymous group hacked official run social media accounts of North Korea and started to post insulting pictures of their leaders. The groups support pictures of character V from the movie “V for Vendetta” which signifies spreading chaos.

A group known as Anonymous_Korea claimed responsibility on Twitter saying that they were the good guys and were here to set North Korea free. Accounts on twitter and flickr which were responsible for spreading pro government propaganda were hacked.

Anonymous Korea


This comes in the backdrop of recent nuclear and missile tests by North Korea and a statement by them saying that they were in a state of war. Thus, it is setting the tone for modern warfare in the 21st century where skirmishes will begin with governments attacking each other’s internet infrastructure.


Are you that crazy person?

4 Apr

Steve Jobs

The importance of small inventions

4 Apr


Scientists from University of Texas claim making Invisibility Cloak

3 Apr

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

In the future, it will be common to see people moving  with just their heads bobbing about as depicted in this Harry Potter flick.

In the future, it might be common to see people moving with just their heads bobbing about as depicted in this Harry Potter flick.