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Army and the Robots: A marriage of convenience

6 Apr
Dr. Isaac Asimov, head-and-shoulders portrait,...

Dr. Isaac Asimov, 1965 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever since Isaac Asimov put forth his famed laws governing a robot, the affair headed towards its logical outcome a marriage of convenience; in which both parties stood to gain. The army is an organization in which commands are followed to letter and spirit and this is exactly the way in which robots are programmed. While research could have been put into using the robots for peaceful purposes, man is making drones and gun mounted UGVs. If humanity understood how better off it would have been without wars, it wouldn’t have programmed humans to make them into soldiers.



It is understandable for soldiers to obey their superiors in the heat of battle without which the chain of command will collapse but in my experience, the soldiers leave no stone unturned in following the orders even in routine work. This is quite dangerous because it can make them dull as they do not make exceptions or deal with a situation in the manner it requires. For them the most important thing is the order; the higher the order comes from, the higher the need for it to be enforced.



We have been given an intellect of our own and given the ability to adapt according to changing situations. We should use those God gifted faculties instead of acting in a pre programmed way; devoid of sensing the sensitivity of the situation.